Dior Resort 16′

That quirky Dior Resort 16' show held at Pierre Cardin's Le Palais Bulles has managed to quash my old-school perceptions.

Once upon a time, I associated Dior with women who have perfectly coiffed hair, make up and nails; women who are chauffeur-driven; women who love matching tweed jackets and skirts. In other words, women of a certain age and grace.

That quirky Dior Resort 16′ show held at Pierre Cardin’s Le Palais Bulles has managed to quash my old-school perceptions.

Here’s why:


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I'm incredibly tempted myself.

A mama told me that her ultra squishy, michelin-esque and adorable son is called Vincent.


I like this name!

I never thought much about “Vincent” but somehow it sounded extra cool that day, not to mention authoritative.

Inspired by that name, I’ve put together a list of awesome items by Vince. To make things even sweeter, they are all heavily discounted!

I’m incredibly tempted myself, especially when cool weather has started and will be embracing us in the next few months.


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Ulyanna Sergeenko

I just couldn't get enough of this woman!

I didn’t have any clue who Ulyana Sergeenko was when my awesome wedding gown designer Keera Denaan mentioned her name.

A simple Google search that ensued was more than enough for me to be 101% hooked to this Russian fashion designer. I just couldn’t get enough of this woman!

While her designs are not something that an everyday gal like me would wear, they are incredibly difficult to ignore. There’s just an overflow of creativity and everything from the cut to workmanship looks so intricate.

Ulyana Sergeenko’s Spring 2015 Couture collection is femininity, drama, theatre and Georgian Armenian traditions all fused into one.


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