#5riday: Breakfast Milk Tea and Honey Pound Cake

Using your hands to produce something tangible is highly satisfying.

Screenshot 2015-01-14 15.22.17
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#1. Any opportunity for caffeine input is a good opportunity

#2. This cake is super scrumptious. The flavours are unique and it’s not something that’s readily available for purchase. In other words, this is not the average chocolate mud cake, sticky date pudding or carrot cake.

#3. Preparing a bag of homemade treats for a loved one to take to work is really fun. Psss… Mr M didn’t even mind the pink wrapper that I used to wrap up his goodie!

#4. Using your hands to produce something tangible is highly satisfying. Moreover you get to photograph the end result for instagram! View mine here.

#5. This cake is big enough to share with a bunch of people. Invite some friends over for tea, wrap up a few slices for colleagues, take this over to your parents’! Spreading love via food is amazing… and this ties back to why I adore this publication so much!

3x Leather

It was such a joy to wander around in a foreign city with my new husband, taking in as much information as our 5 senses would allow us to. That feeling was simply incredible.
wllw 15-01-12_08
wllw 15-01-12_09
wllw 15-01-12_16
wllw 15-01-12_15The main mode of transportation in Modena is bicycle, very much like the Scandinavian countries. I’ve always wondered how it feels like to cycle in high heels!wllw 15-01-12_10

wllw 15-01-12_12

wllw 15-01-12_14

wllw 15-01-12_11

The morning after our lovely dinner at Osteria Francescana, we had a few hours to spare in Modena before making our way to Tuscany. As our hotel, Hotel Cervetta 5 was situated right in the city centre, we were able to effectively use the little time that we had to explore the historic centre by foot and also sample some simpler but delicious Italian food in one of the alleyways.

Modena is synonymous with balsamic vinegar. Fashion and style certainly did not cross my mind because Milan would normally get the first mention before anyone else. I was pleasantly surprised at how fashionable the locals were! I couldn’t help but to gawk at all the immaculately dressed men and ladies who seemed to just get it. Camera in one hand, I had a strong urge to take spy photos while fearing that I would be caught out and shamed. Sartorialist Failed.

It was such a joy to wander around in a foreign city with my new husband, taking in as much information as our 5 senses would allow us to. That feeling was simply incredible.

This faux leather dress from Zara is such an easy piece to slip on. The fact that it’s not tight fitting makes it summer appropriate. Although the design of the dress is simple, the faux leather material has managed to another dimension to it. I’m taking this to Cape Town with me (along with a heap of other clothing that I’ve featured on this blog before). Hopefully I’ll be able to work some magic with my pairings to avoid duplications! Fighting back the urge to purchase something new just because I’m going overseas.

I’m not sure whether I’ll have time to prepare and schedule new posts while I’m away but if I don’t, be sure to follow my travels on instagram @wllwproject. Looking forward to share Cape Town through our lenses with you.

Reflecting On 2014

2014, what a year it was!

Well 2014 was filled with plenty of highlights and a few lowlights inevitably, but they definitely haven’t made the year any less spectacular.

Just a few days ago, Mr M and I sat down on the couch and talked about what we want to see happening in 2015. We jotted down our thoughts and dreams on the iPad as we went through the motion so that we could perform mini reviews on them as the year rolls along. If we haven’t physically jotted down our discussion, I have a feeling that all our excitement for 2015 would be nothing but transient emotional highs.

Although 2014 is already synonymous with the past, reflecting on the past essentially makes up part of the superpower propellant that projects us forward into the future. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite moments of last year.

#1. Being married to Mr M


David & Mun Married - 0882

David & Mun Married - 0509

#2. Oodles of travelling



wllw 14-12-10_18

 #3. Translating my vision into reality


David & Mun Married - 0012

 David & Mun Married - 0583

David & Mun Married - 1210

#4. Starting WLLWPOPUP


wllw2 2


wllw 2

#5. Being featured (albeit tiny) in Frankie Magazine Issue 63


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.02.10 pm

#6. Picking up new skills namely knitting and crocheting. I don’t have anything to show for now because my creations are still a little wonky but soon…


This isn’t supposed to be a generic year end feel good post. Rather I’m learning to count my blessings and trying to put myself in a right frame of mind to welcome 2015 with all I have. I truly feel in my spirit that 2015 is a #makeithappen year. No more lack of confidence, no more shying away, no more undermining of capabilities. I believe that everything I need to make 2015 a bomb has been given to me, and whether you like it or not, this applies to you too.

As for WLLWPROJECT, I will greet you with a very exciting layout on 7.1.2015 (my 2nd anniversary on blogsphere) and I’m super excited about that! Blogging has become a part of my life that I absolutely adore (although there are lazy spells occasionally). I have plans to blog better and I’m looking forward to share more fun and meaningful content with you this year.

What are your thoughts of 2014, and your dreams for 2015?